Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slab Cracks

First five photos show east-to-west crack running all along back of basement slab. Next two photos show north-to-south crack running from north side of bedroom #4 all across bedroom and through hall into bathroom.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weather Delays Flatwork

Snow hit the Tri-Cities the week of the 22nd and is still here, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, delaying pouring the concrete driveway, walkway, and sidewalks.

The FineLine workers, who put in the countertops, had to negotiate a treacherous walk through the forms placed for the concrete pour, then climb up onto the porch to get in through the front door (see photos below). Entry through the garage wasn't possible, because the garage had been used as a paint shop and all the garage doors and openers were taped and wrapped.

Trim, Millwork, and Painting, November 15-19, 2010

Reconfigured Cabinets

The reconfigured kitchen cabinets are shown in this post. The soffits had to be firred out and the cabinets raised an inch and fitted with a larger crown molding. The photos below go from left to right, clockwise, around the kitchen.


The countertops were installed a few days before Thanksgiving. We chose a Carmarthen Cambria Quartz countertop for the kitchen and formica elsewhere. Quartz does not require sealing and is generally, easier to maintain than granite. It is NOT, however, heat proof and can be scratched. It can also be damaged by corrosive chemicals. Care instructions are provided on the Cambria website.

Cambria Quartz, Carmarthen Brown

FineLine workers, Mike and Drew, installing countertop around cooktop.

Completed kitchen countertops

Countertop around low-rise sink

Desk outside the mud room has a wood top.

Natural Roca formica countertop on the wet bar downstairs

Upstairs utility room also has Natural Roca formica countertops

Powder room (upper photo) and hall bathroom have Deepstar Fossill formica countertops
Master bath upstairs has Deepstar Glaze formica countertop

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Landscaping, continued

We described desired landscape features and thoughts on design in an earlier post. This post shows views of the house from the front and rear, then from various rooms inside the house. The first image is the landscaper's, Chad Bagely's proposal. Later in the post, I'll show a slightly modified landscape design, and some ideas we have on trees and shrubs.
Bagley Landscaping proposed design (front yard at top), 11/8/10.

The following photographs show various views of the outside of the house, front and back.
Walkway from the driveway to the front porch.
East side of house, next to garage. A path will lead off driveway to the east
and curve to lead back around the house.  The path will be bordered by a fence
that will start at the front corner of the garage.
To the left (west) of the front porch looking at the hall bedroom window.
Looking at left (west) corner of house towards master bath.
West side of house, looking at master bath.
Retaining walls added at west side and NW corner of house

Retaining wall at west side of house under master bedroom window
Looking west across backyard. Deck will extend 9' off back of house,
ending just the other side of upper door.
West corner of back of house, looking at bedroom #3.
With retaining walls added
Looking down lot to north west where utilities are located.
The following five photographs look out on the front yard from the den and the hall bedroom. The view from the den looks across the porch to the right, and the driveway, to the left. The view to the left from the hall bedroom looks at the fire hydrant on the SW corner of the lot, so we'll want the landscaping to camouflage that undesirable feature.

These rooms receive the afternoon sun, and are close to the street, so we'll want shrubs and trees strategically placed to provide shade and privacy.

The next  four photographs show views from the master bedroom and bath looking west and northwest. The primary consideration for this perspective is to provide shrubs and/or tree (not too tall) at the NW corner of the lot (outside the planned fence) to provide some privacy and block car headlights streaming into the bedroom. The planned fence will also help with these facets.

The remaining photographs show views from the lower level into the back, and left and right side yards. There will be a 6' fence all along the back and sides, so the neighbor's house and yard isn't an issue. However, we don't want to be staring at a wood fence either, and the shallow yard  (21' from the back of the house to the north property line) presents challenges for landscape design.

Looking straight back from BR-4
Looking out under the deck and up to the right from BR-5
Looking NW from BR-3
Looking west from BR-3
Looking out on sewer cleanout and foundation drain from BR-3
Looking right from rec room on to what will be a patio.
Looking back and left from rec room
Looking right from BR-4. A 7' wide deck will overhang this window.
Looking straight back from BR-4 onto planned patio.
Looking north, NW, through BR-5 corner windows.
Looking at NW corner of backyard from BR-5.
Looking north from BR-5
Looking west, NW, from BR-5 out under deck.
The next image is my own rough sketch of the landscape design, which makes only slight changes to  Chad's proposal. These include extension of the back lawn so that it borders the path leading west; a smaller footprint for the back deck (9' from the back of the house); line of sight for the views out the upstairs kitchen and master bedroom windows; and the fire hydrant at the SW corner of the front lot that needs to be camouflaged with landscaping.

Richard's rough sketch of landscape design.
We want paving stones for the back patio and the path leading off the patio to the right (west). We prefer a natural look. The following pictures show some stonework we think looks okay.
Belgard Dublin Cobble
Belgard Arbel
Paving stone at Central Pre-Mix in Pasco
Next, in no special order, are pictures of some trees and shrubs that we like.  There are others, including many of those listed on Chad's plan.
Dwarf barberry
Dwarf white pine
French lilac
Hiikii yew
Japanese threadleaf red maple 
Red maple
Sargents Crabapple

And the following photos of trees/shrubs and grasses seen in the local area, some from my backyard.