Thursday, September 30, 2010

Central Vacuum System Rough In

Silverline Electric roughed in the plumbing for a central vac system this week. This involves a considerable amount of piping running from the floor outlets up the walls to the attic. We're having the plumbing installed for the central vac, but will hold off on installing a vacuum receptacle and power unit until we decide we need an operational system.
Central vac outlet in hall near master and hall bedrooms.

Pipe runs for central vac are in attic.

Central vac plumbing on lower level ceiling along HVAC ductwork.

Central Vac outlet in lower level hall.

 The photo below is taken looking up from the lower level to the point where the central vac outlet in the main floor kitchen exits through the floor to the lower level vacuum plumbing.

Here's the hose and fixture for the central vac outlet in the kitchen. It will go under the peninsula.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Low Voltage and other Home Wiring

The entertainment center will stand against this wall. It's being wired to accommodate the TV and components. A low voltage scoop will be installed here. The 5.1 surround sound system is also being set up in this room. 

 These photos trace the wires up the wall

 and across the ceiling

 into the media panel, which is located in the den closet.

You can see the back of the media panel from the garage.

 The location of the media panel should be marked in the garage so that it isn't damaged by trying to install something on the garage wall directly behind the panel.

This photo shows the breaker box in the garage.

 These are simple 3-way switches being wired.

Our plan is to allow as much control of room lighting as possible. Therefore, lights in the room may be on different switches, and dimmer switches will be used in most rooms. Room lighting will be natural (windows and sun tunnels) and artificial (including overhead, floor and table lamps, and under cabinet lights).

Color for the Front Entry Door

We selected several possible colors for the front door of the new home that's being built for us.

 We narrowed the possibilities down to reds or greens (I don't know how that yellow slipped in there).

 And the winner is: "Sundried Tomato"
Sherwin-Williams #7585

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tankless Hot Water System and Sewer System Plumbing

These pipes under the deck appeared Wednesday or Thursday last week. Eventually, a chase (i.e., box) will be built to hide these pipes.

 One is apparently a exhaust line for the tankless hot water, and the other would be the intake.

 The exhaust travels up the back of the garage,

 and vents on the east side of the roof.

 The pipes begin in the lower level storage room where the tankless system will be located.

There's another piece of large diameter pipe right under the Bedroom #3 west window

This is apparently a sewer clean out. This eyesore will be cut down closer to ground level and covered with a lidded box.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

HVAC, continued, 9/23/2010

Main floor furnace will hang in the rear of the garage

This will make maintenance access relatively easy

Having two systems, one for each floor, involves lots of ductwork

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Electrical Walkthrough, 9/21/2010

Today we did an electrical walkthrough with Brad Tapani (left) and Dave Milloy (rt). We're in what will be Patricia's bedroom.

Richard reviewing the plans with Brad

Brad showing Richard a dance step he employs on Saturday nights at the Branding Iron in Kennewick

The direct vent, gas fireplace will have an on/off switch to the right, just above the built-in bookcase

No big surprises on the walkthrough, although we did have a few changes. For example, because we've chosen to go with a full size refrigerator instead of a compact in the kitchenette downstairs, we eliminated the phone outlet on the right wall and placed it elsewhere in the rec. room. We also reduced the number of lights in the entry hall to the powder room, added a crawl space light and switch in the master BR, and made some changes to the types of lights we were using above the walls between the windows in the great room. We also added Ethernet outlets in various places in the house. Dave took copious notes on all of this. He and Brad were extremely helpful with details and suggestions. A very worthwhile exercise.

When Brad is ready to do the wiring, he'll get in touch with me and I'll go along to discuss some details on the placement of somethings that are TBD based on further construction.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Doors being installed, Friday, 9/17/2010

Door to kitchen from deck and front door behind it, stored in garage.

Front door installed

Front door from inside foyer

Back of house showing door to kitchen at left, and door to lower level rec. room in middle. At some point, there will be a deck to which the upper level door will provide access. The deck will end just beyond that door.

Door in kitchen out to deck