Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some things still need fixing

Weather strip at front door has gap at bottom

There is no heating vent in ceiling of downstairs bathroom.

The Master Bedroom, bath, and WIC are much colder than rest of upstairs.

Exposed deck post anchors

Meter yellow wire covered with concrete

Porch hasn't yet been pressure washed

Ditto walk (and concrete slag hasn't been cleared from lot across street)

Goo hanging from stucco under window of BR #3

Stucco needs to be pressure washed

We have no operational ethernet sites

Charter has wired the house for cable (this is the comm box outside), but won't connect ethernet.

HDMI wires were not pulled through conduit by Charter.

The shelving in the credenza needs horizontal holes cut to bring wires through to DVD player and receiver (not yet placed) on right.

Chandelier needs to be lowered. We'd also like a dimmer switch for the fixture.

Light outside garage mandoor needs to be replaced.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Move

I made a list of all the furniture to be moved and pinpointed their locations on a floor plan of the new house.
But where to put all the boxes?
We fixed our first dinner in the new house on Wednesday night., working around all the boxes.
My paintings are sitting around all over the place.
Finally cleared a place at the table for our second meal Thursday night.
We boarded the cats Wednesday and Thursday during the move. They came home Friday and immediately began exploring the new territory.

Lil'Bit decided to help organize the walk-in closet.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beginning to Move In

My move planning binder 
Early additions to the living room (the books were heavy!)
New sofa and love seat, from Macy's.
Richard's slippers in the master closet

Patricia's bag of towels and her clock

Family pictures on the desk

Our new refrigerator arrived. Now the kitchen doesn't look so big.

Chip and Mike building shelves in the garage for me -- a really big help.

Had to leave the downstairs fridge in the garage until space can be expanded for it.
The actual move is scheduled for February 16 - 18. Before then we plan to have blinds installed, probably on the 10th, and the downstairs refrigerator installed.