Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another Navien Repair

I'll say this for the standard hot water heater -- the kind with a tank -- it doesn't have a lot of moving parts and it certainly doesn't have a lot of electronics. The same can't be said for the typical tankless hot water heater. Just look at the Navien.
Navien NR-180A Tankless Hot Water Heater
The more stuff you cram into these 17" x 28" x 14" boxes, the more can go wrong. We've had problems with our system ever since it was installed in December 2010. The last fix was replacement of the flame rod assembly. Before that, we had to cut into the wall and pull the exhaust pipe down to create an incline for the condensate to drain properly.

This time around the problem was the air pressure sensor (APS). The new APS Pt# was 30000663A, and replacing it also required replacing the whole damned printed circuit board (PCB), Pt# 30000182A.

The APS is located at the top, right side of the unit.
This job went fast, less than an hour, once the problem was diagnosed, and it took time on the phone with Navien tech support to figure out what was wrong. We had, at different times, error codes 3, 10, and 12; ignition failure, abnormal air pressure, and flame loss. None of these codes made reference to the APS or the PCB.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Navien Tankless Water Heater Flame Rod Replacement

Due to continued "failure to ignite" problems (Error Code #3), we recently had the flame rod assembly on the Navien NR-180(A) replaced.

Old flame rod assembly showing oxidation and increased gap
Flame Rod Assembly Pt#30004680A

Monday, January 26, 2015

Adjusting Inclination of Navien Exhaust Pipe

See a previous post for an explanation of why this repair is being done.

Removing Navien connection to exhaust pipe
Sheet rock cut out around inlet and exhaust pipes
Condensate (~1.5") trapped in exhaust pipe
Original set of exhaust pipe
Exhaust pipe hole expanded and pipe lowered
Cover placed over open sheet rock space
Piping refit to Navien