Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Low Voltage and other Home Wiring

The entertainment center will stand against this wall. It's being wired to accommodate the TV and components. A low voltage scoop will be installed here. The 5.1 surround sound system is also being set up in this room. 

 These photos trace the wires up the wall

 and across the ceiling

 into the media panel, which is located in the den closet.

You can see the back of the media panel from the garage.

 The location of the media panel should be marked in the garage so that it isn't damaged by trying to install something on the garage wall directly behind the panel.

This photo shows the breaker box in the garage.

 These are simple 3-way switches being wired.

Our plan is to allow as much control of room lighting as possible. Therefore, lights in the room may be on different switches, and dimmer switches will be used in most rooms. Room lighting will be natural (windows and sun tunnels) and artificial (including overhead, floor and table lamps, and under cabinet lights).

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