Saturday, September 18, 2010

HVAC Ducting and Registers Being Installed

The new house will have independent HVAC systems, one on the main floor, and one for the daylight basement. Main floor heating and cooling will be driven by a heat pump, with a gas furnace backup. The lower level will be handled by a standard gas furnace and air conditioner. Each level will have its own thermostat. There will also be a direct vent, gas  fireplace in the great room on the main floor.

Furnace in the storage room on lower level

Ductwork leading from storage area through kitchenette area

Ductwork going across kitchenette area to bedroom #3

Ducting separating kitchenette from rec. room will be "boxed" and look like beam

Heatpump and AC compressor will be located here, on east side of garage

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