Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Electrical Walkthrough, 9/21/2010

Today we did an electrical walkthrough with Brad Tapani (left) and Dave Milloy (rt). We're in what will be Patricia's bedroom.

Richard reviewing the plans with Brad

Brad showing Richard a dance step he employs on Saturday nights at the Branding Iron in Kennewick

The direct vent, gas fireplace will have an on/off switch to the right, just above the built-in bookcase

No big surprises on the walkthrough, although we did have a few changes. For example, because we've chosen to go with a full size refrigerator instead of a compact in the kitchenette downstairs, we eliminated the phone outlet on the right wall and placed it elsewhere in the rec. room. We also reduced the number of lights in the entry hall to the powder room, added a crawl space light and switch in the master BR, and made some changes to the types of lights we were using above the walls between the windows in the great room. We also added Ethernet outlets in various places in the house. Dave took copious notes on all of this. He and Brad were extremely helpful with details and suggestions. A very worthwhile exercise.

When Brad is ready to do the wiring, he'll get in touch with me and I'll go along to discuss some details on the placement of somethings that are TBD based on further construction.

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  1. Looking good, the house that is, not so much Brads dance moves!
    No offense Brad.