Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Front Elevation Possibilities

What kind of windows?

One must choose a window manufacturer, a window type, and a window design.
Manufacturers very on quality and price. Information available via the Internet isn't unambiguous. There are positive and negative comments, and it's hard to separate installation problems from manufacturing problems. Our builder has Atrium vinyl windows on the spec sheet. My sense is that this is a mass market, run of the mill window. Do we want a higher quality window? If so, what brand? How can we be sure another window will be properly installed?
When picking a window, you want to consider various ratings for UV protection, water and air infiltration, heat blocking, and sound control. The U value for windows should be less than or equal to (LTET) .35, while the rating for water infiltration, the window's DP value, should be LTET 30. For air infiltration, lower CFM values are better.
There are many types of windows. Windows can be single or double hung, casement, gliders, or plain old fixed windows. They can have a box grid, a perimeter frame, various other designs, or be plain. Lots of choices, and what you choose will depend on where the window is, front, rear or side.
Andersen Windows
Milgard Windows
Cascade Windows
Atrium Windows
Pella Windows

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