Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Neighborhood

Here's an album of photos showing the homes in the Canyon Lakes "Parkside" neighborhood in which we're having our home built.
Looking northwest across our lot. We'll see this view from the left corner
of our great room, and from the master bedroom.

Moving clockwise and looking north, northwest at home below us,
which is right on the park.

 Looking north at home directly behind us.
We plan to build a fence along the back of our lot.

Looking east at home to the side of us.

We like the body color of the home.
Our driveway will be in foreground.

Home down the block to the east across the street.

Home down the block and to the east, SE of us.
Empty lot is owned by home owner and his brother.

Home directly across the street from us to the south.
We'll see this home from our front bedroom and den.
The home is owned by the brother of the man
that owns previous home shown.

Home across the street and to the SW of us (owned by a real estate agent).

Home across the street, looking directly west of us.

Home on the park, north, NE and in the back of us.
We'll see a corner of this home from our kitchen window.

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