Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laying the Foundation: Phase 3

Side forms going up, August 3, 2010

Photos below show the side walls going up prior to pouring the concrete foundation. I had an opportunity to discuss the foundation with Dave and the foundation sub, Brian Anderson. I was interested in how water drainage will be handled on the lot, and how the foundation will be sealed to prevent water penetration in the basement.

Dave said that there will be a drain tile installed and it will flow to a french drain. Brian said that the concrete will be allowed to cure 5 to 7 days and then the outside will be sealed with an emulsifier before backfilling. Sealing at the junction of the footing and the foundation wall will be done by hand.

In examining the east side of the foundation side wall, I raised a question about the setback from the property line and the possibility that a heat pump and a compressor will be set there, just north (to the back) of the 3/0 garage door exit. Dave told me that the neighbor's landscaping on that side encroached over our property line and that's why the area along the east side looked too narrow to accommodate the units. I asked Dave to talk with the neighbor about the necessity of reconfiguring his landscaping (looks like a minor problem).

Front, from west side

Across site from NW to SE

Back from west side

Front to back, east side of lot

Front, SE to NW

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