Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Items Noted in Owner Walk Through

Items that need attention as house nears completion include those shown in photos and the following:
  • Saloon doors are very squeaky
  • Rod needs to be hung in mud room closet
  • Second drawer on left bank of three in utility room sticks
  • Screw holes in cabinets not covered, a couple of crown molding joints aren't flush, hood vent in cabinet over cooktop not finished, odds and ends in interior of cabinets need fixing
  • 3rd pendant light over peninsula not yet installed
  • Appears to be dirt in solar tunnel domes
  • Need to have under cabinet light over desk
  • FP surround needs to be grouted
  • Several spots where paint needs touching up (some shown in photos below)
  • Windowsill chipped, NW corner of great room
  • Mid switch on 3-switch to left of FP does nothing
  • Outlet at stair landing chipped
  • Rod needs to be hung in entry closet
  • All doors need weather stripping applied
  • Bannister leading downstairs has rough, unpolished feel
  • Light switch at bottom of stairs doesn't turn can light over kitchenette on
  • Need to change back to original plan for transition between kitchenette vinyl and carpet
  • Bedroom #3 needs drywall work and paint, and some paint touch up in WIC
  • Crack through BR #4 and hall needs to be sealed
  • Hang closet rod in BR #4
  • BR #5 paint smudged to left above door
  • Duct in storage room needs to be wrapped
  • Some touch up needed in storage room
  • Downstairs bathroom paint smudged by toilet
  • Need plank to run electrical wires along for outside HVAC unit
  • Some backsplash and grout work still to be done
  • Wrong light fixture outside garage door (s/b flush mount)
  • Shower/tub doors and mirrors need to be installed in bathrooms
Washer drain needs to be finished

Utility room faucet hose needs adjusting

Area above and left of mud room door needs cleaning and touch up

Paint in upper corner over sink needs touch up

Line of marks on ceiling along soffits over cabinets in kitchen

Chipped corner of peninsula cabinet

Vinyl doesn't lay properly in SE corner of kitchen

Conduit in peninsula cabinet needs to be clamped back

Several areas show wide gaps between wall and laminate flooring

Gap between wall and laminate flooring

Wall lower left of patio doors smudged
In addition to the above, flatwork needs to be completed when weather permits, plus landscaper needs to lay paving stones outside lower level patio doors. ABC Seamless should be installing gutters Wednesday this week. 

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  1. ABC Seamless cancelled due to weather. Will probably reschedule for Monday, 27 December.