Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roof Problems

Roofing was installed October 3, 2010. On October 3, 2011, it was discovered that the roof tiles covering the vented roof ridge were not anchored properly. Portions of the roof had been blown loose, and further damage was likely as winter weather progresses.

I called the contractor, Talon Homes, and, since they were on their way to North Dakota, they asked me to get a roofer to take care of the problem, and either bill them, or if I paid for the work, they would reimburse me.

I was able to arrange repair by getting a referral from Doug Feser, who is building a spec home across the street. He will be using C&C Construction to do his roofing, and he called them for me. Aurelio "Ral" Ceniceros came out the same afternoon to take care of the problem. He brought a helper, borrowed roofing material from another job, and finished the work in 1.5 hours.

The photos below show the problem and the work done to repair it. It's been raining ever since they did the work, and we feel very lucky that we got this taken care of so quickly.

Roofing tiles along vented ridge 
Loose tiles
Open roof
Roof tiles loose all along ridge
Nails not anchoring tiles
Removing loose tiles
Roof ridge looking east to west
Roof ridge looking west to east
Nailed vent in roof valley. This is bad practice, because rain
or snow collecting in valley could cause leak at nail hole.
Original nail used is on right

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