Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Warranty Claims

Our agreement with Talon Homes, Inc., calls for us to wait 11 months before pointing out any non-emergency faults in the new home construction that require correction. These some of are the items we included in our email to Talon.

Left garage door guide bracket pulled askew due to the bolts coming loose.
This is caused by nailing together 2x4s instead of using 4x4s (see below)
Framing basement.
Looking down on top of deck pillar, showing it to be unfinished.
This could let moisture penetrate and potentially cause problems.
Footings of deck pillars were not finished.
Glass on door to deck is scratched.
Porch has settled leaving cracks where it abuts to house.
Cracks around front porch.
Weather stripping on front door has gap at bottom letting in draft.
Adding partial strip doesn't work, as it pulls away with opening and closing of door.
Paint on solar tube dome is chipped.
Cracking of window frame in upstairs, hall bathroom.
Crawlspace vents are flimsy plastic. Several have already blown away.
We also had a leak in the downstairs storage room due to poor plumbing workmanship, ridge roof tiles blow off due to improper length of roofing nails, and the door to the master bedroom sticking due to the house settling.

None of these items were addressed by Talon Homes.

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