Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Owner Electrical Walkthrough

Contractor's construction supervisor asked me to walk through the house and decide if electrical switches, outlets, and such met our needs. These are my findings.

First, I was unable to identify ethernet connection plates, so cannot comment on whether or not they are adequate. Second, I didn't check the crawl space (access in master WIC) to determine if a light fixture was installed there, and I am unsure about whether there's a switch in the WIC for such a light. Third, I was unable to determine of the attic had been wired for an electric fan (if we decide to have one installed). Fourth, I am unable to tell whether a blower fan has been installed in the dryer vent. Finally, there's a switch in the mud room that may have to be moved once cabinet drawings are finalized for the added cabinets going in there (coordinate with Koglin at Northwood).

Other than that, and the few exceptions noted below, outlets, switches, TV, and phone connections are where they should be.

We asked for spots over the 2 walls between the 3 great room windows. The spots are there, but only one switch has been provided (see photos). This necessitates both spots on or off only. It would be better to have a switch for each.

Switch at left wall.

No switch at right wall.

We'd like an outlet added on the NW wall of the master bath, to the left of the door looking from the bath into the master bedroom (see photo).

Need an electrical outlet here.

We'd like an outlet added in the NE corner of the foyer just to the left of the den door (see photo).

Add an electrical outlet in this corner.

On the lower level, there doesn't appear to be a TV cable connection identified in bedrooms #3 or #4.
There needs to be a light in the closet in the basement bathroom.

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