Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flatwork and Landscaping

Driveway with stamped border.

Front walk being laid.

Completed front walk matching front porch.

Terraced platform at east side of home.
Two gates, an upper and a lower, will be placed here.

Gravel path leads around east side of home to backyard.

Area under deck to be used for garden equipment storage.

NE corner of backyard showing retaining wall and fence posts.

Sprinkler system along back of yard.

Sprinkler system being laid underground.

Paving stones to be used on patio and walkway inside fence line.

Looking west, utilities on right. Utilities trench
stretches across backyard to east side.

Fence line on west side of house.

A concrete walk will branch off from the sidewalk and go
up to the fence line.
Plants going in the front.
Plants at east side of driveway.
Retaining wall and planting in backyard just outside Stephen's window.
Backyard curbing defining separation between planting bed and lawn.
Paving stone patio and walk.
NE corner of backyard. The trees are dogwood and Japanese Maple.
East side of yard. Trees are Sky Rocket Junipers.

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