Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back to Countertops

Amy and Danni at Luke's Carpet

Patricia and I went back to Luke's Carpet this afternoon to make selections for countertops and backsplashes. Danni, with Luke's, had all the samples out for us to mix and match; red oak laminate wood floor, Peruvian Slate Sunrise vinyl flooring, Carmarthen quartz countertop, carpet, tile, etc. It's a hassle trying to get everything to be complementary and we really appreciated all the help Danni and Amy provided.

We also talked about interior paint, trying to determine what went well with the other selections. Amy and Danni thought that Divine White (SW 6105) would be a good wall color throughout the house, with Latte (6108) as the trim. After we got home, we decided we'd like a warmer color and one that would match the wood flooring better, and are pondering something like Concord Buff (7684) upstairs and Biscuit (6112) downstairs, where it will go against the carpet. The ceilings could be painted Pure White (7005) throughout the house.

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