Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exterior Paint Selection

Selecting the paint colors for the exterior of the home entails determining how color looks on the various surfaces and matching and/or complementing colors used for the body color, the trim, including the fascia and frames around windows, and any accent areas, e.g., belly band/apron. The vinyl windows we're installing come in only three colors: white, almond, and adobe.

Our house will be stucco, including the body, window accent frames, and belly band. The fascia is wood and we want a paint that's low gloss (or flat) for that. The house in the photo below is along the lines of what we'll be building, except we'll have 3 separated garages.

We like the body color on the house that's next to our lot (see photo below) and we've asked the Sherman Williams paint person being used by Talon to match that color for us. I've checked with the neighbor and they have no objection to our using the same color, but we may go with one a little brighter (we're considering Concord Buff).

Home Next Door to Our Lot

Home on Dawes St. with body and trim colors we like. 

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