Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things to Do

1. Check the depth of soffits (14") vs. the planned height of cabinets in the kitchen
2. Determine where to place the dividing line between the kitchen vinyl and the dining area wood floor
3. Decide whether to use wood flooring or vinyl in the mud room
4. Pick a cafe door design for mud room and a design for the den door
5. Pick a design for the upstairs bathroom shower doors
6. Pick a flooring for the storage room downstairs
7. Decide location of heat pump and AC compressor
8. Decide on exterior paint schemes
9. Complete design of fireplace
10. Decide on interior paint scheme

In considering the interior paint scheme:
1. Use the same ceiling color (white) throughout
2. Use the same trim color (a shade of white) throughout, including window frames/sills, floor boards, and doors
3. Use a fairly neutral wall color and one that complements wood floor
4. Use accent colors on selected walls, e.g., kitchen, bathroom, entry

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